Distinguished Contributions to Forensic Psychology Award

The Distinguished Contribution to Forensic Psychology is granted annually, at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the American Academy of Forensic Psychology. The award is announced in April and the recipient is invited to present an address at the Annual Meeting of AAFP later that year. The Executive Committee may seek nominations for the award, and anyone wishing to make a nomination may complete the form below.

Beth & Charlie Clark Service Award

The American Academy of Forensic Psychology elected, in 2005, to establish an award recognizing the distinguished contribution made by outstanding individuals whose extraordinary service to the profession of forensic psychology should be honored. It was established that the Beth Clark Distinguished Service Contribution Award would be granted only when it was clear that a truly unique level of service had been provided, in keeping with Dr. Clark’s own remarkable work.

Saleem Shah Award for Early Career Excellence in Psychology and Law

Nominations are sought annually for the Saleem Shah Award, co-sponsored by the American Psychology-Law Society (APA Division 41) and the American Academy of Forensic Psychology. The award recognizes early career excellence and contributions to the field of psychology and law. The focus on the nominee’s contributions may be in any area of forensic practice, research, or public policy. Eligible individuals must have received the doctoral degree (or the law degree, whichever comes later, if both have been earned) within the last 6 years. Self-nominations will not be considered.

Nomination Form