The Distinguished Contribution to Forensic Psychology is granted annually, at the discretion of the Executive Committee of the American Academy of Forensic Psychology. The award is announced in October and the recipient is invited to present an address at the AAFP Annual Meeting the following year. The Executive Committee may seek nominations for the award, and anyone wishing to make a nomination may contact a member of the Executive Committee to do so.

Past Honorees

2023 David Glassmire
2022 Reid Meloy
2021 Mark Cunningham
2020 Joel Dvoskin
2019 Terry Kukor
2018 Stephen Hart
2017 Deborah Collins
2016 Candyce Shields
2015 Christopher Slobogin
2014 Richard Frederick
2013 Matt Zaitchik
2012 Kathleen Stafford
2011 Mary Alice Conroy
2010 Robert Meyer
2009 Diane Follingstad
2008 Randy Otto
2007 Ira Packer
2005 Daniel Shuman
2004 Kirk Heilbrun
2003 Robert Fein
2002 Gail Goodman
2001 Robert Hare
2000 Steven Ceci
1999 Paul Lipsitt
1998 Henry Steadman
1997 Alan Goldstein
1996 Stanley Brodsky
1995 Elizabeth Loftus
1994 Stephen Golding
1993 Charles Patrick Ewing
1992 Saleem Shah
1991 John Monahan
1990 Norm Poythress
1989 Stephen Morse
1988 Thomas Grisso
1987 Ted Blau
1986 David Shapiro
19851 Richard Rogers