The Diversity Grant awarded by the American Academy of Forensic Psychology is designed to increase the diversity of candidates seeking board certification in forensic psychology. Forensic Specialists can have the most impact on the field when they represent a wide variety of races, genders, ages, languages, ethnicities, cultural backgrounds, disabilities, sexual orientations and religious beliefs.  The Grant applies to diverse candidates applying for forensic board certification. To receive the Grant:

  1. The applicant completes the initial application for candidacy for the ABPP in forensic psychology.
  2. Once the applicant’s candidacy is accepted, the applicant contacts the AAFP President to request the scholarship, providing a brief statement of why the candidate believes he or she is eligible. The applicant will also provide the AAFP President a copy of the ABPP candidate acceptance letter.
  3. If selected for the Grant, the AAFP President will contact and pass on all pertinent information to the AAFP Treasurer, who will provide the appropriate reimbursements to the candidate upon successful completion/passing of each step in the examination process.
  4. Four fees are potentially reimbursed: The ABPP application fee, the written examination fee, the practice sample fee, and the oral examination fee.
  5. The candidate pays each of the four fees prior to each step in the examination process. Upon verification of payment of each fee and successful completion/passing of each step, the candidate is reimbursed the fee. Each fee is reimbursed once, for the first application only.